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with of thin. as it an al qaeda sponsored event or home grown activists? idea.s stage they have no contact with my colleagues back in the states they don't have behind this.was >> raising the question there asking.erybody is law enforcement officials have noted that this is traditionally grown extremists in america to make some kind of protest against the government. 15 is the day for filing taxes often a flash point that who don't like the reach of the federal government and coming up on the anniversary of bombing in city massacre and bine esterday was patriot's day anniversary of the war against the british. but aware waiting for -- we are for more information from the police in about 2 1/2 horse when they hold their first conference. bostonians are asking why this appened to their city and marathon. runners i have been talking to are so shocked that something pinnacle of their athletic achieve. a glorious day when they elebrate but on that day somebody could have come up with such a cruel scheme as to rob limbs, to kill and to maim. a comprehensive coverage of the boston marathon bomb
. >> charlie: two points. one of the groups has already said that it has a relationship with al qaeda. >> yes, it has. charlie: secondly, does this mean that we should have done more earlier when there was a more domination of moderate groups and before some of the more radical groups came in to syria? >> you know, i don't think it's that productive to reajude ict the past. i think the options are what they are going forward. again i think in addition to watching what happens with these extremists we have to keep as the president has rightly said a very close focus on the chemical weapons arsenals and making sure that that those don't fall into the wrong hands. >> charlie: what will we do if they look like they're going to fall into the wrong hands? >> i think there's a lot of thinking and planning going on with regard to that inside the u.s. government. and, you know, i think that would... i would hope that that would cause us to provide some additional forms of support to the rebels that are more moderate that we believe are the core of a post assad syrian government to enable them to be ef
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)